About Us

Read & Associates (R&A) was established in 1980 as a consulting organisation that focuses on Management Information provision through the effective structuring and deployment of ERP systems.

Over the past 31 years the organisation developed a solid reputation for the support and service of its customers, this success attested to by the number of occasions that clients repeat their calls for the skills and resources of the organisation to provide consulting and support. Also significant is the number of blue chip customers that R&A continues to service.

Consulting Services provided span the full range of skills from technical design and development through to business analysis, system delivery, business process re-engineering and end user consulting. The consulting team consists of a small group of highly skilled technical and accounting professionals.

In early 2000 R&A forecast that the next major technology area for corporate focus would be in the areas of electronic document management and business process workflow management. This based on the need for efficient processes and productivity improvements that are inhibited by paper volumes as well as the significant amount of corporate knowledge that is tied up in inaccessible documents.

Such a product would fit into the profile of the R&A business, being focused on information provision. Utilising the knowledge and experience within the organisation, R&A embarked on a significant development programme that was aimed at delivering highly functional document management capabilities, employing leading edge technology design and incorporating business process workflow into one product. This product was named DigiData

An early version of the Image Management Module of the DigiData system was implemented at its first site towards the end of 2000 and development continued until late 2002 when the initial version of the product was released.

The DigiData System is constantly being developed and upgraded. We work with our customers to identify new needs and challenges in document management, these are incorporated in the ongoing development programme. New Releases are issued on an annual basis, ensuring that the system remains at the leading edge of functionality and technical development.