Application Modules

Having DigiData control the documents and the document flow through the organisation, means that the system has an enormous capacity for performance measurement and monitoring. The system automatically tracks tasks that are scheduled and measured with conditional performance indicators.

The Applications Module was an innovation introduced in 2011 and is a process whereby a Dashboard Management facility is configured based on the data contained within DigiData to manage specific business processes. The system makes use of RED, AMBER and GREEN traffic indicators to instantly reflect conditions that need attention based on user determined measurement criteria. This applies true exception management to the business process.

Workforce Management for examplae is a dashboard that manages the deployment of Contract labour across multiple jobs or contracts. DigiData would in its normal course of operation gather all the documents and information about both the contract workers and the contracts and jobs on which they are deployed. The Dashboard tracks the allocation of resources, the status of each contract or job and manages the worker related criteria such as training and medical fitness.

Similarly applications such as Case Management, and SHEQ Management manage the flow of case and investigation based processes that are initiated and which are processed according to the defined business processes. Typically in these instances the measurements and alerts would be based on tasks exceeding their required performance objectives.

The Dashboards automatically link the process management criteria to the related documents for a seamless management process. Any business process that is managed within DigiData can have a Dashboard configured to suit the specific management needs.